Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked by users

What is OrCam MyMe?

OrCam MyMe is tiny, wearable AI-driven computer vision. OrCam MyMe comprises of a sensor that recognizes faces and tells you who is in front of you, automatically scans business cards and name tags, and connects to OrCam MyMe application to help you effectively network and manage your time. OrCam MyMe gives you a competitive advantage in networking, business, social interactions and time management.

OrCam MyMe main features include face recognition accompanied with real-time push notifications, immediate connection to the social networks of the people that OrCam MyMe recognized, automatic scanning and syncing of business cards and name tags, analysis of how the user allocated their time.

Whether you work with dozens of clients, attend corporate events, conferences, or just deal with a lot of people throughout your busy day, OrCam MyMe is a game-changer. Think of it as your own personal AI assistant, providing you with important details about the person you are meeting with.

OrCam Read is currently only available in English. More languages will be added in the future.

Visually impaired people would have difficulties using the device.

OrCam MyMe is one of the best corporate gifts available

How does OrCam MyMe work?

OrCam MyMe easily clips onto your clothing and will identify faces throughout your day, synchronizing them with the companion app. Faces that you have saved to the app will appear via a push notification to your smartphone or smartwatch when the device recognizes them in real time.

Faces need to be “learned” by OrCam MyMe. You can manually add people to your database. OrCam MyMe will not identify people it does not “know”.

When MyMe “meets” a new person, you can find them in the app and “teach” MyMe the new face. The next time you come across that person, MyMe will notify you via the App of who it is, when you last met, for how long, and any other relevant details. It will identify any faces 3-10 feet away, when in a conversation.

Faces need to be “learned” by OrCam MyMe. You can manually add people to your database. OrCam MyMe will not identify people it does not “know.”

Unknown faces will appear with no name or contact details until you add them. Then, the next time you meet that person, you will receive a push notification via the app with all their relevant details. No more awkward encounters 🙂

After pairing this app to your OrCam MyMe, you’ll be able to:

– Remember names
– Keep track of who you’ve met and how much time you spent with them
– Learn how you spend your time with different social circles
– Gain insights into your productivity, and much more

This intuitive app provides push notifications to your smartphone or smartwatch via Bluetooth, letting you know when someone it recognizes is in front of you, when you last met, where it happened, and how much time you spent together.

The OrCam MyMe app is compatible with iOS for all iPhones 7/8/9/X, Apple Watch, and iPads. It connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. 

Compatibility with Android devices is in development and will be announced at a later date.

OrCam MyMe upholds your privacy. The camera is only used for facial recognition and does not record photos and videos. It finds faces and computes a signature that is compared each time.

The companion app shows a blurred image as a face thumbnail so that the user’s acquaintances can be tagged.

Data is not collected by OrCam and is only for your own personal use– stored within OrCam MyMe device. Your data is yours and is not shared with anyone.

For full privacy statement click: OrCam Privacy Policy

How do I purchase OrCam MyMe?

We are currently shipping OrCam MyMe to the USA, Canada, and Israel.